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Tides2 at The Sur, Arlington
Golden Property Name at The Sur, Arlington, 22202
Erkiletian & Sustainability

Erkiletian & Sustainability

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Conserving the environment. Envisioning the future.

Few industries have such a dramatic impact on the environment as the construction, operation and maintenance of real estate. Our founder, Mike Erkiletian, set out to reduce this impact, and established the following principles which still guide our company today: to keep economic growth in harmony with a healthy environment and to remain at the cutting edge of technology while preserving the qualities of life that sustain us all.

Now more than ever, we strive to incorporate the latest innovations and green-building best practices so that future generations can enjoy healthful, balanced living, working and leisure environments. We take seriously our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and uphold the highest standards of sustainability.

Connection to the natural world flourishes in every moment, every aspect, of The Sur. From sustainable, eco-friendly apartment features, to community-wide green initiatives and efforts, to working rooftop hives filled with honeybees, we go beyond LEED Gold standards to support and replenish the wonder of the earth around us.


Luxe flourishes that protect lush environments.

  • Our custom-built front desk made from reclaimed White Oak wood welcomes you into The Sur.
  • Each apartment home was crafted with recycled, reclaimed, sustainable interior furnishings, like Energy Star appliances.
  • More than 75% of construction waste was recycled instead of going to a landfill.
  • Low VOC sealants, paints and flooring were used to reduce air toxins and enhance air quality.
  • Living plant walls create a green oasis lining your path to our courtyards and throughout The Grove while the green roof cascades over the 8th floor pergola.


A vibrant community without the impact.

  • Built in a dense urban area that is well connected to public transportation – located near metro, plus offers carpool, and rideshare options, communities, and trails. This reduces the amount of energy per person in the building by reducing emissions from transportation and allows for walkability and closer access to services.
  • The Sur is located with easy accessibility to surrounding bike trails and provides bike storage and bike share options. 
  • 30% of building materials are locally sourced -within 500 miles.
  • There are 6 electrical car charging stations, preferred parking for low-emitting vehicles, as well as underground parking which reduces heat emitted from the typical asphalt surface parking lots.
  • Recycling shoot available on each floor to promote the resident recycling program.
  • The Sur is a proud participant in the National Green Power Program.

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